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Why Big Names Spend Zillions on Marketing

Researchers at anticipate that Canadian firms will spend CA $8.7 billion on marketing in 2019. Most entrepreneurs understand that strategic marketing helps brands to position and win over customers. But, why pour millions on to an already visible and prominent brand?

Below are explanations of why.

Marketing Informs Buyers About Your Unique Value Offering

What makes a customer pick one product over the other?

Brand and marketing do most of the footwork for the big names.

The brand makes the first impression and gives the product an identity. On the other hand, marketing activities keep messages about the unique value offering alive in the customer’s mind.

You Update Buyers About Continuous Improvements

Most of the big brands have been in the market for a long time. But they reach out continuously.

Relentless marketing enables the company to keep communicating with the customer.

The company relays messages of continuous improvement, care, and reliability. This helps the companies stay abreast of competition, change perceptions and break into new markets.

It Broadens the Customer Base

The whole point of marketing is to grow the customer base.

Market research helps big names understand new audiences. Strategic marketing, on the other hand, enables the company to create more appealing and convincing messages that generate positive leads.

Marketing Creates Demand

Creative marketing techniques also help big names create demand where there was no brand awareness and generate demand where brand awareness exists. This ensures the continuous flow of new sales.

It Sustains the Company

Lastly, as the adage goes, out of sight, out of mind. Big names continue to pour zillions into electronic, TV and other outdoor marketing activities because it secures the company’s future. After all, people buy what they see, feel and hear more frequently.

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