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Never give up!

What I lived yesterday has only made me stronger today.

Growing up, I remember one thing. How my dad was always trying to build a business. He went from one great idea to the next. I’ve never in my life have seen some so persistent and hard working with the attitude of never ever giving up. He hustled for his family. He truly loved us. We had a lot of ups and downs. It became normal. We travelled a lot back and forth. I had no steady life. It became harder and harder to build long-lasting relationships, no friends, and I was ok with all this, because its all I knew.

Now, as an adult, I see how much of my dad I have in me. I have always been a creative thinker. When I studied Advertising in University, I was 100% clear that I wanted to have my own Agency one day. During university I was working as a freelancer for some of my teachers. I felt the excitement of being in control. After I graduated, I already had some clients. I started my agency at home. I was doing pretty well. But then, doubt hit me. I started to doubt myself as to how I was providing solutions to my clients. I was just recently graduated; did I know enough? Was I giving the right recommendations? Then, I decided to get a job at an Advertising Agency. On my interview day, when the owner asked me what I wanted out of this job, I genuinely answered: to learn everything I can from here, so one day I can have my own agency. She laughed….and started to say how hard it was, and how you become an administrative person instead of a creator. I replied: I know and I’m ok with that. To keep the story short, I got hired, good salary and about 8 months later, when I learned everything I needed to learn, I quit. She wasn’t very thrilled and she made different proposals in hopes that I stay. But my decision was made. I already had a plan in place, I had an office rented out and a few customers. I was ready.

That being said, when I moved to Canada, I started a family and had kids (4 kids to be exact) I had to slow down and being completely honest, I had ups and downs with my business. I had new ideas, great ideas, I would start them up, and then for whatever reason, I would give up. I became so passionate with developing new ideas. I fell in love with the process of creating new brands, from the concept, to the name, the logo design and the mission statement that holds the brand together. When I would hear my friends speak about a new idea or an initiative they had to start a business, I would get super excited, I could work for free.

Thankfully, today, I am still able to do what I love. I am the owner of Assett Marketing Agency with more that 15 years of experience and I enjoy every second of what I do. Helping companies grow their business is what drives me and keeps me going each day.

This is part of my story and as a takeaway, I would love to highlight the following:

1. Never give up on your ideas: don’t let anyone bring you down.

2. Believe in yourself: Believe in yourself, your opinion is the only one that matters. Anyhow, if you believe in yourself, eventually so will everyone else.

3. Keep a positive community: Surround yourself by positive people. When moments get tough, you will need the support.

To finalize, if you have an idea or a new business and you need to develop your branding or if you already have an established business, who may need brand alignment or you have a new product line or service that needs branding, I invite you to book a complimentary strategy session with me: Its my passion and I would love to connect with you and see how I can help you out.

Keep living,


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