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Me, Myself & You: How The Coronavirus Helped Me Reach My Audience.

As a business owner, I wanted to share my insights and experience with you hoping to inspire you and help your business, in anyway I can during this economic crisis.

But, before I do, let me tell you a quick story.

I've been doing Marketing, Brand Creation and Design for a while now and when everything Digital got introduced into the marketing mix, I had to adapt and learn. I loved every bit about digital marketing, It was fun, interesting and there was a lot of room for creativity. It was great for businesses: finally, a platforms where you can really segment your audience down to the detail, not just by age, gender, city, and financial status. A place you can find groups of people talking about certain interests and listen to what they have to say and have the opportunity to directly engage. How cool is that? It's a marketers dream.

Now, there was one thing I did not like and was clear I would never do, which at the same time, I knew it was super important and it was an action that really worked when it came to social media marketing, I just didn't want to do it.

You're probably asking, what was it? It was doing videos! Not creating the videos, that's the easy part, but having to be in the video, having to be a character that represents your brand. Unfortunately that's what works!

People Identify best with a brand, when there is a face behind it. A human being just like them.

I didn't want to do it, I was afraid, I was judgmental of myself, I just couldn't do it. From past experiences, I think I had created this fear for being anything close to the center of attention.

So, how did the Coronavirus help me reach my audience?

With everything going on, I had to stop for a moment and do some reflecting of how I was being in my life and how I was spending my time. I realized, that even through I feel i'm the busiest person on earth, I have been wasting my time on actions that weren't as important as I thought and they just weren't bringing the results I needed.

If you are a human, like me, your're probably guilty of this too. Think of how you spend you day and what you do? Write them down. Are all 60-80% of your actions producing you direct results? Some actions, like planning, will bring your results, but in a longer term, and that's OK, because its important to plan, but I'm talking about the actions that will produce a positive outcome tomorrow or a week from now.

NOTE: Keep in mind....I have worked most of my life from my home-based office. I've learned to be productive and not get distracted. I have learned to create a balance with my work and personal life; now, because of the COVID-19, I know there are any people working from how, and its been hard to adapt, I just want to express that its OK not to be OK and to not have those super productive days every single day. We are all going through a lot of stress and its 100% understandable.

Continuing my story... after reflecting, I realized that I am stronger than what I thought. I have so much potential, knowledge and I have been selfish by keeping it to myself. Realizing this, knowing there are so many businesses struggling today or people who have been laid-off, are now looking for ways to start a business, it has truly motivated me to just be out there sharing.

Amazingly, everyday, for the past weeks, we have been doing Live videos, sharing information we know can help others. I won't lie, I was so nervous the 1st time I went live and it was nothing close to perfect.

But, I remember feeling so proud of myself for doing it. I felt as if now, I can do anything! The more I have done it, the more and more comfortable I am when in front of a camera. Don't get me wrong, I still feel the nerves crawling up each time, but I quickly overcome it when I remember why I am doing this.

I have created a purpose that is much bigger than me. I have shifted my focus, and instead of making it about Me, Myself and I, I have I've made it about you and everyone else.

We have been sharing information everyday, and the results and the reach to our audience has been amazing, and each time its better and better. And to know, that sharing what we know, providing support to everyone in such times of uncertainty and knowing we are helping many truly priceless.

When you find a purpose much bigger than yourself, your insecurities, become small and pointless.

When your intentions (especially now), are to find ways to best serve a community or a group, all your problems will eventually resolve themselves along the way and the feeling of fulfillment and happiness is much greater.

and...of course, over time, the impact this will have for your brand is bigger then what you can imagine.

If your telling yourself, what can I possible share? I'm no expert! The answer is simple....share what you love, share what you do, share what you know....for someone out there, you are an expert; chances are, you may know a lot or just a bit more than that someone, and that, makes you an expert for them.

Tip: Don't sell. People don't want to buy anything right now, just be there for them....educate, be of service, be supportive. If you do this, when this all passes (as it will pass) you will have grown a loyal audience, as they will never forget what you did for them.

Remember: Don't aim for perfection, aim for getting it DONE! Being yourself, being authentic and being consistent is the key. And as they say: If your thinking about it, that's your problem. In other words, don't think about it, just do it and get it DONE!

I challenge you all, to stop making it about yourself and share what you have to share. There is someone out there needing right now, what you have to give.

Let's be there for one another . #ShareChallenge - Leave me a comment if you will take the initiative to Share and tell me what you will be sharing.

Keep Safe & Stay Home,



P.S. If you want to see our Facebook Lives....join us here: Attingo Talks

We also go live on Youtube and share on Linkedin and Instagram.

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