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Are You Thankful For Today?

I am so thankful for my life and everyone around it.  

It is so easy to get busy and forget to say thank you and appreciate that you are alive. Appreciate the people that surround you and for everything you have.

We tend to live each day hoping for more, wanting to do more, searching for more, and we miss out on the present, on what is right in front of us. We miss opportunities, we miss the moment, we miss life. The Now is what we have for sure, tomorrow is not real, its not here, you may not have tomorrow.

It just makes you think how fragile life is, one day you have it, one day you don't. This is why I say to you (and myself) to never forget to be thankful everyday for what you have, for where you are and appreciate the people you love and spend time being in the moment and actually live your life.


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