7 Reasons You Should Brand Your Business

J. K. Rowling’s world-famous book, Harry Potter, is perhaps the best modern presentation of the mysteries and magic associated with the number seven. There are seven books within the mainframe of the story. In each book, the number seven recurs in the plot.

But, this is not a review of the Harry Potter Series. It’s about branding your business. More precisely, the magic of branding and why you should brand your business.

Read on, and let the magic of numbers flow through your wand.

  1. Branding defines you in the industry. You could say it is the “face” of the company making the first impression with everyone who encounters it. And you know what they say about first impressions.

  2. Branding connects the buyer with your product. It transforms mundane transactions into meaningful connections. A well-orchestrated brand creates trust, giving clients confidence and sustains a business.

  3. A great brand makes the most out of emotions. When buyers trust your brand, they care about it, make it “part of the family,” and transmit it through generations. Your buyers make more emotional than rational decisions. Branding tilts these decisions in your favor.

  4. Advertising rides on branding. Your brand, which appeals to a specific demographic and social group will determine the technique and medium of advertising more than anything else. Advertising agencies rely on the reputation of your brand to create lasting memories.

  5. Excellent branding gives you an edge over your competitors. It helps you to stand out in globally competitive business spaces without geographic and cultural borders and differentiation of products is negligible.

  6. Branding brings in new revenue streams. As your brand grows through the phases to become a household name, your business will attract “success partners.” People want to associate with the success and the good name that your brand portrays.

  7. A good brand boosts financial value. It’s a culmination of the above reasons. Investing in a good brand always pays off. Major multinationals such as Apple ® and Google ® are valued more for their brand than what they do. Canadian companies such as Bell ® and TELUS® also derive a huge portion of their financial value from the strong brand.

What has your brand done for you?

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