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Developing youths entrepreneurial mindset


Be empowered to live a fulfilled personal and professional life.

Authentic Learning made fun

Entrefuteur is an interactive online educational course that teaches young people how to develop their entrepreneurial mindset.

Why take this course?

Learn a new perspective on life that will prepare you for the real life. Build your confidence and practical skills through experiential learning.

New Perspective

Learn new ways to see and manage what life brings you.

Quick & Simple

On-demand quick 5-min videos you can see on any device.

Love Life

Have the power to take control of your life and design it how you want.

Young Dancers

Maximize your potential

4-Week Course Outline

Our course consists of on-demand 5-minute videos that teach you new concepts with every topic. Each day comes with a workbook that will allow you to put into practice what you learned.

Week 1

Personal Mindset

Learn the foundations

Learn the foundations

Week 3

Abundance Mindset

Learn about finances

Learn the foundations

Week 2

Growth Mindset

Learn to be in control

Learn the foundations

Week 4

Result Mindset

Learn to get results

Learn the foundations

Hands-On Practice book


Get instant access to a digital or print workbook for each concept you learn.

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Access from anywhere

Learn on-demand  from anywhere on any device

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The world can be your playground


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